About Us

Carefully Formulated

We formulate our products with absolute caution following industry best practices.

Natural Ingredients

Our products are made from purely natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals

Skin Friendly

We have products for all skin types with no adverse effect or skin reaction.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our products to every country in the world. You are sure to get your order.

About Lapjop Skincare

At Lapjop skincare we only use and stock skincare products that provide success and safety. We are completely far from hydroquinone, steroid and bleaching agents which are harmful and danger to the skin. Alternatively we give our valuable customers carefully chosen essential organic ingredients of Lightening creams and lotions that generate a good fairer skin complexion with the use of organic and natural lighting ingredients. Lapjop customers has build the trust in us to help correct and revive damage skin. We trust ourselves on this note to help build back confidence and ready to help you get your desired outcome. All our products are made from scratch from all natural plants extract.

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